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Phakama N
Debt Review - 27 May 2017, 09:14

Im struggling to pay of some accounts and still maintain my living.

Good Morning, Thank you for your Question. The National credit act makes it possible for you to survive and help you pay what you can afford on your debts.This involves doing what is called a Debt Review application. If you are over indebted or have a low credit score you might realize that you cannot qualify for a huge loan to take out more debts. With a Debt Review application we can usually reduce your debt repayments by 40 - 50 % and also interest rates to less than 5 % on average. The creditors will accept the reduce payments and reduce interest with only one condition in mind - that you cannot make further debt until all you debt is settled. Once all your debt is settled we will then issue you with clearance certificates stating all debt has been paid up.We will send this to all credit buerues and creditors and by doing such will be debt free and removed from debt review. You can make contact with me on 071 402 **** and i will be willing to assist with any further questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.