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Ninke D
Offshore Investments - 14 November 2016, 21:16

Should I withdraw my current local investments and re-invest offshore given the current situation with the rand?

First there needs to be defined(asset allocation) what is the clients current local investments. If the client wants to go offshore rand denominated offshore(global) funds would be the way to invest for a resident of S.A. The market news based on the Rand: based on the big Mac index the Rand is the 4th most undervalued currency in the world. According to most asset managers the Rand is undervalued. Hence going 100% offshore is based on the illusion that the Rand will keep on depreciating as in 2015. This is not likely to happen and for this reason the old slogan of “past returns is not an indication of future returns” is well suited. We always believe that a well-diversified portfolio is your best bet , so please talk to us to discuss your clients opportunities.


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    Ninke D

    Thanks Michael! Will be in contact....